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 Post subject: Trout's story
PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:48 pm 
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Trout's story

Seven years ago I was declining ....rapidly, lost 40 lbs in 3 months....became reactive to EVERYTHING that floated in the air.

They threw away hope for me....some said it was just me wanting attention.

I had lost a career that comes around once in a lifetime........

I had awoken to TOTAL Peripheral Paralysis....Sept 2001

Told to accept my fate by two MD's....My wife gives up her 14 year carrer as an Air Force benefits....for us to move home for familial support. (Of course...her family did the complete opposite.)......Sept 2002

The pain I endured was beyond was so horrible that when I described it...they wouldn't believe me. ( They would tell others...when away from me...that NO ONE could endure that pain...therefore, I must be lying.)

My immune system would attack my cerebral spine when exposed to just about ANYTHING...causing severe...almost instantaneous inflammation...forcing my spinal cord to become "like braided rope" as my described by
my friend a Chiropractor....he had NEVER seen nor heard of such a phenominom.

Causing fire and lighting bolt sensations throughout my was driving me to suicidal thoughts.

Then I met a group of people on the internet...wonderful people and one of them told me that several people on this support site for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) were coming up with Lyme as the answer...and they were geting better.

In September of 2003 as we celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary...My wife was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Aggressive Breast cancer. mind...far away from others..suffering from short-term memory loss so short...that I couldn't remember the beginning of most 30 second commercials...I was made to live in a small cement block room as my immune system couldn't handle outside all. I was determined to find an answer.

It was dangerous....all hope was fading fast....very fast.

And yet....when I really thought about it....about why I was given this excrutiating sufferage to bear by God....I just looked at my children and instinctively knew...that THEY were why I had to overcome...this horrid disease...this unthinkable animal that attacked from no where.

We would find out later that they too were infected...and were it not for my deligence...they would have gone untreated...and suffered the same eventual consequence as I. (December 2003)

I made a pact with my friends on that now defunct website...that I would survive this disease and that I would...indeed become an thrive, once again.

I announced to the people on Lymenet that I would represent them on a National Level in Sports....bring a greater understanding of this disease and the ramifications to the public....

and simultaneously show those that still were debilitated by this HORRIBLE affliction...that if they put their head down...and butt up...NO matter what...

That in the end...they, yes....THEY COULD WIN.

The straw that wouldn't break our back came when we ha to move out of the mold infested house that we bought back in October of 2002....having to leave our personal property behind due to the spores we had nothing...except $200 from the bankruptcy. (October 2005)

Without hope and filled with faith we trudged on...after making a move into a 3 bedroom rental home I came down with Parkinson's like symptoms 2 days before the official lease date...we realized that the outgoing renters had sprayed the home with an insecticide that literally was a death sentence for me.

That night my wife and I prayed and cried...they had already rented the small two bedroom duplex we occupied and we were homeless the next day.

The next day in a phone conversation with her wife was told to leave the streets. I obviously wanted 'attention' and wasn't medically ill. (This despite the fact that they saw me react to the rental home and they refused to accept that EVERY Doctor verified my illness.)
June 2006

Time has passed... months of IV antibiotics...massive recovery on all fronts since this Spring I set out to accomplish the Promise I had when I could...gaining over 20 lbs...and then this week arrives.

Yesterday as I lay in bed ALL day long suffering from a herxheimer so bad I had diarhea, nerve pain and sub-acute enchephalitis....I made a promise to myself that I would NOT give up my dream of being the ATHLETE I chose to be 6 years ago., without fan fare, without anyone's moral gone away to dance team camp, wife at home sleeping off her 3rd shift from last night.

I got in my van....drove an Hour and a Half to Ames, Iowa....and competed in 90 Degree heat with 95% humidity thru excrutiating dermal candidiasis and heat exhaustion...I ran, I jumped and I overcame...on my own I stood in the stadium.

I wondered why at this point in my struggle when it would mean so much to those that love me...why couldn't they be here with see, to experience, to feel the glory of overcoming something so powerful that it PARALYZED me from the neck down 7 YEARS AGO?!?

And then tonight at the opening Ceremonies...where I walked into a stadium of over 20,000 people....Medals wrapped Around my Neck...a National Qualifier in the long jump at the age of 45.......

I realized why God had me enjoy this moment alone.

It was because I had to travel this battle with my own strength, determination, and Belief in Him all when the moment of glory came.

It was best that Just He and I were there to fullfil it.

This moment of Glory was for Friends....I promised YOU...ALL of YOU that I would overcome this, and you....and God....were there with me today.

Thank You....Thanks to ALL of you.....I did it!

I overcame...and so will you.

God Bless:

Trout Image

100 meters-4th Place
200 meters-4th Place

Long Jump- 3rd Place (Qualified for Nationals)
4X100 Relay- 1st Place (Qualified for Nationals)

(posted 8/08)

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