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 Post subject: Desi's Story
PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:27 am 
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I was not diagnosed with Lyme disease until February of this year. It seemed like last summer I just became exhausted ,couldn't keep my eyes open .I started to have night sweats and the heart palpitations I had during my last pregnancy had returned as well as the floaters in my right eye.I had terrible joint pain and problems with short term memory. My cycle seemed to never end.I went in for my yearly and mention my symptoms. We discussed that it could be early menopause(I was 34),and she checked my thyroid.I thought I had the answer when it came back as hypothyroid and for about a month it seemed so, but my symptoms came back along with a few more.In December I was bit by, at that time they said it was a spider,I now know it was a tic with a co infection ,babesia.I had sense enough to take pictures of this bite because staph was going around and it looked pretty bad .It was very hot and it had a black ulceration in the center ,a couple of days later the ring formed with bruising .I didn't really worry because my doctor had wrote it off as nothing, but a few weeks later it was as though I was hit by a truck .The lethargy I felt was back ,I was aching ,sore throat,swollen glands ,floaters in my right eye again,a rash on my upper arms,and a horrible feeling in my throat like I had swallowed a pill and it was stuck,I had shooting pain in my right shoulder and hip and my thumbs and wrist were practically useless.(I couldn't open sandwich bags for my kids lunches).I went back to my Md.she increased my thyroid med. and gave me an antibiotic although she thought it was viral.She felt my thyroid and sent me for an ultrasound she felt a nodule.I was worried but I thought at least I'd have an answer.Well the ultrasound showed nothing so at my follow up I had to see another Md. ,mine was on vacation. He d decreased my thyroid med(i was hyper now due to over medication) ,he ordered more blood work to rule out lymphoma,or lupus.and wanted me to have a scope done at the ENT.I came home an emotional wreck.I knew something was wrong and I wanted an answer ! All I got was a referral for more test and more doctors.
When I came home my mother- in- law called, she had been concerned and wanted to know how my appointment went. I lost it!!!! My life had become a constant struggle .Doing a load of laundry wiped me out.Everyday after work I would have to honk the horn for my 13 year old to get my 2 year old out of her car seat because I couldn't !!! I was 35 ,falling apart and didn't know the answer.We'll that day my mother in law urged me to see an LLMD.She was concerned about the bite I had in December and had been for awhile,her neighbor had Lyme and had the same symptoms.She knew I had all but given up and wasn't going to take no for an answer,so she called and bugged me until I made an appt.What a gift her nagging was.
I now know I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease and a recent exposure to Babesia.I'd been sick for years ,misdiagnosed and never treated.If it had not been for my wonderful "nagging"mother- in- law Lyme disease would have never crossed my mind, no MD ever mentioned it.
I am in treatment now with an awesome LLMD, I am blessed that he is my primary MD too!! This is a new journey with ups and downs. It hasn't been easy (I am not a herx fan) but at least I have the answer to what was making me so sick. I don't doubt this is a step in the right direction . I have hope now ,I know what I'm fighting and that I am not alone in the fight.


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